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2023 Women in Leadership--
2022 Public Safety Luncheon--
2021 Prayer Breakfast--
Newspaper_Empowering_Young_Leader_Awards_05-16-24.pdf800 KB05/27/24 at 01:29 PM
Best_International_Service_Canton-Rotary_Storyteller_Initiative_2023-2024.pdf1 MB04/29/24 at 06:23 AM
Nacho.jpg169 KB04/28/24 at 04:48 PM
20240427_113017.jpg141 KB04/28/24 at 04:42 PM
20240427_100028.jpg136 KB04/28/24 at 04:42 PM
20240428_111827.jpg114 KB04/28/24 at 04:30 PM
Best_Community-Service_Canton-Rotary_Heart_for_Service_Initiative_2023-2024.pdf5 MB04/15/24 at 04:02 PM
Heart_for_Service_Media_Coverage.pdf1 MB04/15/24 at 03:56 PM
Best_Youth_Service_Canton-Rotary_Empowering_Young_Leaders_2023-2024.pdf3 MB04/15/24 at 03:09 AM
Best_Vocational_Service_Canton-Rotary_Hope_Creators_Initiative_2023-2024.pdf4 MB04/15/24 at 12:19 AM
Member-Classifications-Occupations_Study_July_2023_Canton-Rotary.pdf91 KB04/14/24 at 05:08 PM
Canton_Rotary_Announces_Community_Service_Award_Winners_Local-News_ tribuneledgernews_04-09-24.pdf224 KB04/09/24 at 05:15 PM
The-Canton-Rotary_Heart-for-Service_Awards.pdf136 KB04/08/24 at 12:02 AM
TribuneLedgerNews_Promoting-Mental-Health-Community_2024.pdf334 KB04/06/24 at 10:53 AM
CCSD Community Fair 2024 WEB.pdf1 MB03/24/24 at 06:46 PM
2024 yard sale donations.pdf160 KB03/24/24 at 04:51 PM
CFCC Rotary Club Slideshow 030524.pdf2 MB03/10/24 at 03:28 PM
Canton_Rotary_Promoting_Mental_Health_2024.pdf510 KB02/28/24 at 01:54 PM
Sponsorships_Promoting_Mental_Health_2024.pdf206 KB02/28/24 at 01:48 PM
Plant_Flat.jpg11 KB02/25/24 at 03:45 PM
promoting3.jpg36 KB02/21/24 at 12:05 AM
Rotary_Peace_Fellowships_Canton-Rotary.pdf132 KB02/08/24 at 06:27 PM
Peace-Fellow-Logo.jpg13 KB02/08/24 at 06:22 PM
AdventureAwaits.jpg53 KB02/08/24 at 06:16 PM
Guardian_Ethics_Award_2016.jpg86 KB12/04/23 at 10:50 PM
Parking_11-28-23.pdf133 KB11/28/23 at 08:21 AM
Parking Designation - Canton Rotary Lunch_11.28.23.pdf133 KB11/28/23 at 08:06 AM
Happy-Thanksgiving.jpg195 KB11/23/23 at 10:37 AM
Empowering_Young_Leaders_of_Cherokee_County_Canton_Rotary_Short-Version.pdf146 KB11/15/23 at 07:10 PM
District-Newsletter.JPG34 KB11/15/23 at 07:10 PM
Button_EYLCC.jpg28 KB11/15/23 at 07:10 PM
Release-and-Waiver-of-Liability_Rotary-Club-of Canton_Young-Leaders-Initiative_09-18-23.pdf89 KB11/15/23 at 07:10 PM
MUST Feed the Need Sponsor Kit.pdf10 MB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Carpe Diem Join the FIRE Rotary Club.pdf5 MB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
BYLAWS OF THE CANTON ROTARY CHARITABLE FUND_Revised_FY_2022-2023.pdf107 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Canton Rotary Awards Description 2018.pdf27 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Canton Rotary Bylaws - Updated Dec 2020.pdf300 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
20 Reasons to join Rotary.pdf10 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Charter Club Members 1937 Photo.jpg65 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
2022 Rotary Club of Canton factsheet.png717 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
2019 Red Badge.pdf375 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Canton Rotary Guest Sheet.pdf76 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Rotary Induction Ceremony Script.docx13 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Rotary District Objectives 2023-2024.pdf437 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Rotary Clubof Canton By-Laws.pdf179 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Rotary Club of Canton Strategic Plan FY21-FY23.docx60 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Rotary Club Members 2012.jpg86 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Corporate-Membership.pdf70 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Rotary Club Bulletin.pdf519 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Corporate_Memberships.docx13 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
PSAL_Banner_2.jpg33 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Object-of-Rotary.pdf478 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
New Member Form.pdf120 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
How to Sponsor a New Member.docx14 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Cherokee-Recreation-and-Parks_Volunteer-Waiver.pdf93 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Greenville.png512 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Environmental Project - Canton.pdf270 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Corporate-Membership-Application.pdf40 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
PSAL_Banner_3.jpg25 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
Test File.docx11 KB08/31/23 at 09:10 PM
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Years of Service
District 6910 Newsletter
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